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We manufacture professional cosmetic products for professionals.


POSTQUAM COSMETICS manufactures and commercializes cosmetic products for the professional sector, besides accessories, machines, furniture... We are a global supplier for hairdressers and beauticians.

POSTQUAM, which was born in Valladolid (Spain) in 1982, has been characterized from their beginnings by offering high quality products to the professionals at the best price. We have begun to grow with this spirit, first in Spain, later in Europe and now in other continents.

The beauty professionals from Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Austria and the United States know our products through our POSTQUAM Catalogue.

This catalog is sent to hair-dressers and beauty salons every 3 months. Hair-dressers, beauticians, beauty instituts, gyms, spas… can acquire our products thanks to this catalog- by phone, by post or by fax, the simplest to them- and after a few days they receive the goods in the place they choose. This way and thanks to the service offered to our customers, we have won 27000 European Professionals confidence. Confidence shown order after order.

Due to POSTQUAM Catalogue great success in every european country where we are selling our products for more than 5 years, we have decided to go further. Since May 2004 we have launched the German version of our POSTQUAM Catalogue for Germany and Austria. With these two new countries, there will be 5 different versions (Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian and German) and 7 countries where our catalog will be distributed.

But we do not want to stop here. It has been recently created POSTQUAM USA CORPORATION and the American professionals are going to receive our catalogue in a very short time. The United States will be the first non European country where we launch our brand via catalog and we are sure that it will be so well welcomed as it has been in the rest of the countries where we are distributing it.

Regarding the rest of the world (Africa, Asia...), we have a great number of distributors that help POSTQUAM COSMETICS to be more and more known all around the world.

The work of our Export Department and our attendance to the most important cosmetic exhibitions (Cosmoprof Bologna, Cosmoprof Italy, Living Room Coiffure in Paris, Gulf Beauty in Dubai, Living Room Look Madrid, Cosmobelleza Barcelona...) make us to be recognized by more and more professionals and get distributors all over the world.

We must add to these actions our collaborations with the most important cosmetic magazines, whose help makes us get more clients every day.

All these facts have led POSTQUAM to have a turnover of more than € 8.000.000 in 2003 and an annual growth of 54%. These figures will be increased this year due to the expansion that our company is getting.

But nothing would be possible without our great professional team. From the I+D Department to Sales, from Production, Marketing, Logistics and Customer Service Departments.

Any Department in POSTQUAM COSMETICS has an objective and this objective is common to the whole company: offer quality products to competitive prices. That is what we want to achieve and so we work.

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